Adeline. Oh Adeline!

From the aptly named, London Cycle Chic
I love to bike. I really do. But something about the logistics of it – city traffic, bike lanes, storage – has always managed to stay my hand. That said, this cutey West Village shop has an array of bicycles on offer that are almost too tempting to be true. I’m obsessing over the pastel colorways and don’t even get me started on the convenient wicker baskets add-ons. I may be caving…

Jewelry Mood Boards

It can be tricky putting together an entire jewelry look on your own. Especially if you’re planning on layering pieces upon eachother. At T & C, I always have women coming in with accessory quandaries from how much is too much to what the appropriate length earring is for a specific gown. The key is to see accessories as a composite as opposed to separate items. Think what works together and what doesn’t. Usually I tell customers to stick with a genre (bohemian, biker chic, luxe) and then play with proportions within that look. The most important thing is, of course, to have fun with it! xoR

Reef Blue. Feeling It.

Loving everything in this set.

Gorgeous roomscape by Tina Tyrell

Karlie Kloss by Laurie Bartley

Tini Table by Oomph found at Coco & Kelley

Lily & Jae S/S2010

Suno Shoots Spring 2010 in Lamu, Kenya

African label Suno has shot their Spring 2010 Lookbook in one of my absolute favorite places: Lamu, Kenya. I was fortunate enough to visit there my senior year of college and I almost didn’t come back. Lamu is the perfect little port town off the Eastern coast of Africa that’s become an increasingly popular travel destination for backpackers and socialites alike. Sienna Miller anyone?

The beaches are of the white sand variety. The weather is balmy. So balmy in fact that almost every hotel you go to has an outdoor bed on the terrace (covered in mosquito netting) enabling you to sleep right under the stars if you choose. I’m loving everything about this shoot.

Pictures by Tina Tyrell



Artful Clothing at Armida

My mother was one of the lucky spectators at last night’s gala performance of Armida featuring the always stunning and wonderful Renee Fleming. Nothing can outshine Renee’s voice, but the YSL sponsored clothing adorning celebs came a close second! Below, a sampling of the lot, all via WWD.

I especially like Ginnifer Goodwin’s chic choice of a satin bustier paired with sleek tailored pants. And of course, Maggie Gyllenhaal looks effortless in this nude.