Have you heard?


Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie are officially engaged!

After she stole the show with her leg-baring Versace dress at the Academy Awards in February, her name's sure to be on everyone's lips a while longer. 

And you may ask, what about the ring? It's (not surprisingly) absolutely stunning! Brad actually helped design it. Apparently he's designed other jewelry for her, like this necklace, which was based on a drawing by their son Maddox. So sweet!

Huge proponents of LGBT rights, they declared they "would not be getting married until everyone in this country has the right to get married." It was beautiful and noble of them to take such a stance, but I am glad that they are not waiting any longer to enjoy their own rights to marriage. What do you think? Does it lessen the message? In any case, the marriage is sure to be nothing less than spectacular and I'm certainly looking forward to it! Congrats to two of Hollywood's biggest stars!


Photo credit: news.style.com